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Roof Drainage

Flat roofs are sensitive architectural areas. Therefore, it is especially critical to plan the roof drainage systems professionally. When rain falls onto a flat roof, large volumes of water can collect rapidly. Unless there is an effective way of draining off precipitation, this can lead to excess loads being placed on the building's structure. ACO offers functional solutions which are specially designed for flat roof areas and which ensure the water is drained effectively. Our application engineering department can assist you in designing the right salution for your roof .

Cast Iron Roof Drains

Flat-roof gullies are installed to drain rain water from roofs, car park decks and terraces. The collected rainwater is drained off via internal drain pipes.

Aluminium Roof Drains

Over the past few years, there have been major advances and improvements in the materials used in modern roofing technology.

Green Roof Drainage

The countryside is being increasingly paved over as built-up areas grow more extensive. The associated faster run-off of rainwater gives rise to high water levels and flooding and the associated serious damage.

Car Park Drainage

There are two categories of parking deck drainage: outdoor drains exposed to the weather, and inside parking decks protected from the weather. Both types have to cope with heavy loads, moisture, and the accumulation of water.

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