Grease Separators

According to the European Norm 1825, commercial kitchens generating wastewater must have pre-treatment plants to ensure that fat, oil and grease (FOG) are not discharged into the public sewerage network. Otherwise, very greasy wastewater puts the pipe systems and drainage equipment at risk. Grease and oils are deposited with other wastewater components on the walls of the pipes and can lead to corrosion, blockages and noxious smells. Hence, grease separators, also known as grease traps or grease interceptors, have to be installed to retain greasy wastewater. This applies to commercial kitchens in Airports, Hospitals, Restaurants, Hotels, shopping malls and Commercial buildings.

Application of Grease Separators

Commercial Buildings

All ACO grease separators are produced according to EN 1825 and work using gravity. Their different densities are used to separate the fat/oil from the wastewater. FOGs have a lower specific gravity than water, which makes them rise to the surface while sludge and other solid particles float to the bottom. The remaining and cleaned wastewater passes through the separator. Depending on the grease separator system the separated substances can be disposed of either separately (partial disposal) or together with the total contents of the grease separator (complete disposal).

ACO offers their customers a wide range of grease interceptor plants made of polyethylene, both for free-standing (indoor) or below-ground (outdoor) installation, tailored to the project’s needs.

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Free Standing Installation

Free standing grease separators which are installed above the ground are easy to access and easy to maintain. Moreover, mobile operations are available, mainly used as pre-separators for large scaled projects.

Underground Installation

Underground grease separators are mainly used for space constraint reasons and are generally installed outside the building. The covers are designed for load class A15 to load class D400 and the body is made of polyethylene.

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