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LipuJet-P-RMP Extension Stage 2 with Disposal Pump

  • Grease separator plant as per DIN EN 1825
  • For indoors installation – frost free
  • With integrated sludge trap
  • Operating side: right/left
  • Draining connection, fire hose quick coupling B 2½"
  • Suction and emptying sump with drain plug socket 1½"
  • Inspection window with wiper
  • Manual operation of the high pressure internal cleaning with pump
    • Nominal pressure: 175 bar
    • Capacity: 13 l/min
    • Chopping, mixing, rinsing in one process
  • Standard control with group fault reporting
  • Disposal pump with free flow impeller
    • Motor power: 3.0 kW/2850 rpm
    • Delivery performance: 20 m³/h at 1 bar medium delivery head
  • Stop valve upstream of disposal pump
  • Odour-proof maintenance opening, diameter: 350 mm
  • Filling device with ball valve (connection ¾") for manual refilling
  • Electrical connector: 400 V/50 Hz/16 A/6,9 kW
  • System ACO Passavant
    • Building Supervisory Authority approval Z‑54.1‑491
Operation side: Right-hand

Nominal capacityNominal widthContentsWeightItem
Sludge trapGrease storeOverallEmptyFullHeaviest single component
NS 10DN 1501150400245038828381163510.73.81
NS 15DN 20019508003610 42440341343515.73.81
NS 20DN 2002440800407043745071343520.73.81

Operation side: Left-hand

Nominal capacityNominal widthContentsWeightItem
Sludge trapGrease storeOverallEmptyFullHeaviest single component
NS 10DN 1501150400245038828381163510.73.71
NS 15DN 20019508003610 42440341343515.73.71
NS 20DN 2002440800407043745071343520.73.71
  • Easy to transport and fit thanks delivery of individual parts
  • Odour-free emptying, cleaning and filling
  • Hydromechanical high-pressure cleaning – only a cold-water connection required
  • Upgrade to level 3 possible
  • Small delivery dimensions
  • Low weight
Nominal capacityDimensions
L1L2L3L4L5L6H1H2H3H4H5DD1Z/Anzahl Segmente
NS 2125560150520652609759051320137015201101150795/2
NS 412556015052065260124011701580163017801101150820/2
NS 718206015052065260143013301880193020801601660785/3
NS 1018206015052065260160015002050210022501601660785/3
NS 1521306015052065260176516652200225024002001920880/3
NS 2021306015052065260195518552400245026002001920880/3

Features of base version:

  • Emptying and cleaning via maintenance opening
  • Odour build-up during emptying and cleaning


Features of upgrade level 1:

  • Connection for direct suction
  • Odour build-up only during cleaning


Features of upgrade level 2:

  • Connection for direct suction
  • High pressure cleaning operated manually
  • Optionally with disposal pump
  • No odour build-up

LipuJet-P-RM (without disposal pump)

Features of upgrade level 3:

  • Connection for direct suction
  • Completely automatic programme
  • Optionally with drainage pump and remote control
  • No odour build-up

LipuJet-P-RA (without disposal pump)
LipuJet-P-RAP (with disposal pump)