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Kitchen Drainage

HygieneFirst is ACO's commitment to ultimate hygienic performance

Commercial kitchens are characterized by extremely busy kitchens, with the potential for wet and greasy floors due to the abundance of hot fluids in both cooking and cleaning. In combination these factors may affect both food hygiene and health & safety aspects of the kitchen. Efficient drainage is one of the fundamental requirements to help prevent accidents and ensure the hygiene of food.

Hygienic standards in the commercial kitchen industry are rising. ACO is meeting these changing demands by incorporating hygienic design principles, industry best practice and the guidelines of bodies including the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) into the design of its drainage solutions

ACO offers a unique system of waste water management. All products in the system are developed and produced with an uncompromising commitment to health, safety & hygiene. More than 60 years of drainage experience makes ACO the world class supplier of drainage systems.

We design solutions with cost efficiency in mind but with absolutely no compromise in terms of food safety. Find out more about our HygieneFirst approach at

Hygienic drainage cleaning performance

Fraunhofer cleanability research 2016

Reliable floor to drainage

  • ACO hygienic box channel - standard edge
  • ACO hygienic box channel - extended edge
  • ACO vinyl box channel - vinyl edge
  • Optional fixed height solution available
  • Gratings
  • Accessories