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External Drainage

ACO manufactures and markets surface drainage products for the home and garden. These products consist of grated trench drains and drainage basins made from a choice of plastic or durable polymer concrete and are available in different sizes to suit any drainage requirement. Bodies and grates are made from either plastic, steel or iron and will support a 5 tonne wheel load whilst keeping areas safe for many years.

With its products, ACO makes a significant contribution to the design, usability and ultimately the quality.
Our solutions can help optimize the aesthetics and absolute functionality of the drainage system.

While designing the entrance and pathways of a house, apartments, bungalows etc., Planners, designers and builders look for technical perfection and individual design flexibility orientated drainage systems to ensure it is more attractive and more functionally designed and on that also provides highlights in architectural and open space designs.

  • Load class required for the drainage channel
  • Aesthetic Point of view
  • Efficient Hydraulic performance
  • Catchment Area
  • Drain outlets locations
  • Design of Gratings per grate material

EN 1433 standard

Drainage channels for traffic areas.

ACO Solution is a wide range of Line Drainage!

Easy handling right down to the last detail, combined with the highest quality. Technical details like for example the proven 'V' profile or the hexagonal shape of the side walls satisfy all of the demands that are made on a contemporary drainage channel. The high-speed flow and the good self-cleaning property minimize the cost of conserving and maintaining the channel system. The tongue-and-groove connection where the channel begins and ends enables this system to be installed simply and conveniently.

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Flat roofs have numerous advantages; however, they must often master an enormous structural challenge. Safety, fire protection and thus the issue of roof drainage are the top priorities in design and construction.

To select a suitable product for the roof area, the below points are to be considered during planning & designing:

  • Water inflow coming into the channel
  • Catchment area
  • Channel span & size
  • Loading capacity
  • Rainfall intensity
  • Outlet positions
  • Actual site conditions
  • Other consultant designing details

EN 1433 standard
Drainage channels for traffic areas.

Standard EN 12056
Gravity drainage systems inside buildings.

ACO offers functional solutions, which are especially coordinated for use on flat roofs and ensure optimum removal of rainwater. Gravity drainage systems are suitable for smaller areas. On large roofs with 150 m² or larger, vacuum drainage systems are preferred. ACO offers products made of cast iron and stainless steel. We also have special solutions for green roofs, copings and for emergency drainage. ACO helps you to design the correct roof drainage and to perform the hydraulic calculations with its latest, standardized design software and its extensive practical knowledge.

Solutions include:

  • Line Drainage with Openable Grating
  • Line Drainage with Brick slot Grating
  • Point Drainage

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In the case of parking deck drainage a differentiation is made between external and internal parking decks (multi-storey car parks, underground car parks, ramps, entrance and exit areas). Parking deck gullies and parking deck drainage channels made of cast iron or stainless steel that deal with substantial quantities of rainfall reliably and easily cope able with the loads they are subjected to by vehicles, rainwater and, in the winter, snow accumulations on cars and in their wheel housings should be considered. Not only the parking deck drainage system, but also the waterproofing between it and the subsoil or substrate must fulfil various criteria:

  • Resistance to high structural and mechanical loads and chemical exposure
  • Secure, reliable and durable waterproofing and seals
  • Alkali resistance

EN 1433 standard
Drainage channels for traffic areas
EN124 Standard
Attachments and Covers for the Traffic Areas

ACO provides comprehensive car parking drainage solutions to meet the surface water runoff, load class and pollutant challenges of the sector. ACO products are equipped to meet the specifications for car parking drainage.

ACO has a range of drainage solutions for domestic parking areas that are easy to install and offer a long-lasting and sustainable driveway drainage solution. ACO RainDrain B 125, RainDrain Brickslot B 125, HexDrain Pro and CivicDrain are all surface drainage channels designed specifically for trafficked applications, such as driveways and are certified to load class B 125 or C 250. Unlike load-class A drainage products, these are safe to use on driveway entrances.

  • Line Drainage with Openable Grating
  • Line Drainage with Brickslot Grating
  • Point Drainage
  • Access Covers

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Tailored to the demands of domestic applications, garden + landscape products have finish options that both complement and enhance the aesthetic qualities of any domestic property.

The modern and functional range provides homeowners with the most complete and stylish surface water management offering for driveways, patios, building thresholds and landscaped areas.

The range has been manufactured to the highest quality standards, ensuring long life and service within and around your domestic landscape.

EN 1433 standard
Drainage channels for traffic areas.
EN124 Standard
Attachments and Covers for the Traffic Areas
Recommendations for action on dealing with rainwater.
EN 858 1-2 Standard
Separator systems for light liquids.

ACO’s range of stylish and modern drainage solutions can enhance the landscape of any domestic driveway.
A range of products are available to complement your garage threshold and driveway entrance, helping to create an attractive and functional space. Meeting the highest performance standards, ACO’s range of driveway products can withstand the rigours of everyday use.

ACO’s range of landscaping systems help homeowners to create an attractive and sustainable water management solution around the home. Enhance your patio with ACO’s elegant and modern ‘Complete the Look’ and slotted gratings.

The product range provides homeowners with a drainage solution that perfectly complements any style of patio project from slate to natural stone. Designed to be used with ACO’s best-selling domestic drainage channels ACO HexDrain and ACO RainDrain, a choice of styles ranging from contemporary stainless steel to discreet slot options are available to provide the perfect finish.

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