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ACO Euroline

Domestic and Economical Solution
A channel for every application

The ACO Euroline drainage systems has been specially created for use in homes and gardens and is designed to withstand the weight of cars. It keeps entrances, pathways, garage forecourts and terraces free of rain and wastewater, thus protecting the building fabric. The optimized channel body and the new locking system increase the channel's durability and safety, making it easier to install.

  • Choice of gutters made of polymer concrete
  • Free cross section
  • Variety of design grilles of galvanized steel, cast iron, stainless steel, plastic, powder coated
  • The successful ACO V-profile – now also for home and garden applications
  • Resistant to light car traffic
  • Screwless grating lock
  • Modular system and accessories for easy installation
ACO Euroline DrainACO Euroline Drainage
ACO Euroline Drainage SystemACO Euroline Drainage Systems
ACO Euroline Drainage Residence DomesticACO Euroline Drainage Residence SS