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ACO Monoblock
Monolithic drainage channels in polymer concrete

ACO Monoblock represents a guarantee of high stability and sturdiness for the in-line channeling of highways and highways with high traffic density. However, the ideal environment for these channels is made up of aprons for containers and airport terminals that share the same characteristic: highly dynamic heavy traffic. Similar scenarios consist of road environments characterized by high-speed traffic, such as Formula 1 tracks, test tracks for road and sports cars, or very heavy traffic, such as motorways.

Main characteristics

  • System with monolithic structure in polymer concrete
  • Without grids
  • Sealed system according to UNI EN 1433
  • Guaranteed up to load class F 900 according to UNI EN 1433
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • With "V" section
  • Inspection element and manhole with GJS cast iron frame and grate, screwless fixing


  • Transverse and longitudinal drainage of motorways and dual carriageways
  • Logistic yards
  • Motorway parking areas with passing trucks
  • Airports terminal
  • Formula 1 tracks