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Building Drainage
Delivering sustainable solutions to residential buildings

ACO is a global leader in the design and manufacture of drainage systems whether they are used for general surface water management or in building drainage applications. With its products, ACO makes a significant contribution to the design, usability and ultimately the quality.
Our solutions can help optimize the aesthetics and absolute functionality of the drainage system.

“Creating the future of drainage“ is a part of our brand identity.

With its products, ACO makes a significant contribution to the design, usability and ultimately the quality.
Our solutions can help optimize the aesthetics and absolute functionality of the drainage system.

More and more builders and architects are opting for a generous, open-plan bathroom design. The inspiration for this trend can be found in the decoration of traditional oriental baths, as well as in a modern luxury spa. The features of this new bathroom design style are clear lines high-quality materials and floor-level showers.

EN124 Standard
Attachments and Covers for the Traffic Areas

Standard EN 1253-1
Product standard and requirements for floor drains

Standard EN 1986-100
Drainage systems for buildings and properties

The ACO Shower Channel made from stainless steel as an almost invisible shower channel in any type of bath décor while ensuring reliable drainage. The shower channel combines design and functional aspects in one. Well-being areas created from wood, ceramics, marble, natural stone and glass are cleverly lit with a combination of artificial and natural lighting, bathroom equipment and technical elements are built almost invisibly into the overall bathroom design creating a technically and optically elegant solution. Shower channels are a key component of the architecture of an easy access bathroom – after all they offer an optically elegant solution, even going as far as a barely visible shower channel.

The ACO Floor Drains offer various advantages for a wide range of applications. The floor drains can be used for construction and renovation of all buildings. ACO Floor Drain is made of stainless steel with or without a integrated foul air trap. ACO Floor drain covers are also made of stainless steel with different designs like slotted or perforated. The product owns load class K 3 and a brushed or mirror finished, locked or loose grating. They are suitable for all push fit pipe socket systems.

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On a terrace or balcony, the primary aim is to remove the water from the surface as soon as possible enabling safe access and preventing water ingress into a building. These areas are often more exposed, receiving rainwater from the surface area plus other contributing areas, including run-down from the façade.

Balconies, roof terraces, and roof gardens being paired with level barrier free thresholds presents a unique challenge. The key challenge of preventing water ingress, while maintaining step free access, alongside a permeable flooring provides a unique challenge.

EN 1433 standard
Drainage channels for traffic areas.

Standard EN 12056
Gravity drainage systems inside buildings.

ACO offers functional solutions, which are especially coordinated for use on flat roofs and ensure optimum removal of rainwater.

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There are two categories of parking deck drainage: outdoor drains exposed to the weather, and inside parking decks (basement) protected from the weather. Both types have to cope with heavy loads, moisture, and the accumulation of water.

There is much higher traffic exposure in busy multi-storey car parks and underground garages (e.g. the industrially used parking areas at shopping centres, park-and-ride stations, airports). The structural and mechanical loads are much higher than those affecting private homes for instance. The transition from building parts in this case have profiles which can be driven on. Each of the layers forming the surface coating extend in this case right up to the join profile.

  • Aesthetic Point of view
  • Efficient Hydraulic performance
  • Catchment Area/Closed area
  • Drain outlets locations
  • Design of Gratings per grate material
  • Roof structure- Whether it is Normal slab or Post Tensioned Slab or Waffle type slab,.

EN 1433 standard
Drainage channels for traffic areas
EN124 Standard
Attachments and Covers for the Traffic Areas

ACO parking deck drains and channels reliably handle large volumes of rainwater, and are rugged enough to cope with the harsh conditions associated with rainwater. Provides excellent strength and resistance at high temperatures.

  • Line Drainage with Openable Grating.
  • Line Drainage with Brickslot Grating.
  • Access Covers
  • Point Drainage

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