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Hotels and Resorts

With the growing hotel businesses, trends across the industry are changing at a fast pace. While Architects, Planners and Consultants help the hotel groups to move towards big change in order to maintain good reputation and to grow with dignity. At ACO – as a specialist in drainage solutions, we help the architects, planners and consultants with the best consultancy and guidance to choose not only the most suitable and appropriate product, but one that also aids to aesthetics and sustainability.

We believe that product performance or drain ability should be the first and foremost characteristics of any drain before considering any aesthetics & sustainability. If drain is serving the requirements for which it has been designed, then aesthetics & sustainability will serve it’s purpose. Hence, while choosing our product we help with the most IMP requirements for any drainage solution for better Product Performance.

ACO has tailor-made solutions for a wide variety of project types. Are you planning a hotel, a SPA, a wellness center, an open-plan office or a resort? As an expert in drainage and water management solution providers, we offer a solution that meets international standards.

A large number of renowned hotel chains, but also spectacular boutique hotels, luxury oases and traditional family hotels work together with ACO.

Our contacts in your region will be happy to help and advise you