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  • Grease separator plant as per DIN EN 1825
  • For underground installation
  • Emptying and cleaning via shaft manhole cover
  • Suitable top sections
    • Top sections
Nominal capacityInlet/
Sludge trapGrease storeOverall
NS 2DN 100245270720633202.80.00
NS 4DN 100460270930793204.80.00
NS 5.5DN 1505702301465933205.80.00
NS 7DN 15073028516751083207.80.00
NS 8.5DN 15086036019001153208.80.00
NS 10DN 150100541521701253210.80.00
  • Space-saving design
  • Proven stability 50 years
  • Load class up to D400
  • Height-adjustable top setion
Nominal capacitySludge trapDimensions
NS 224511013871022
NS 446011016041239
NS 5.557016021291739
NS 773016023461956
NS 8.586016025582168
NS 10100516028282438

Features of base version:

  • Emptying and cleaning via maintenance opening
  • Odour build-up during emptying and cleaning

Features of upgrade level 1:

  • Connection for direct suction
  • Odour build-up only during cleaning

Lipumax- P-D

Features of upgrade level 2:

  • Connection for direct suction
  • High pressure cleaning operated manually
  • No odour build-up


Features of upgrade level 3:

  • Connection for direct suction
  • Completely automatic programme
  • No odour build-up



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A strong brand around the world. ACO stands for professional drainage, efficient cleaning, and the controlled discharge or reuse of water.

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