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LipuJet-P-OD Extension Stage 1

  • Grease separator plant as per DIN EN 1825
  • For indoors installation – frost free
  • With integrated sludge trap
  • Operating side: right/left
  • Draining connection, fire hose quick coupling B 2½"
  • Suction and emptying sump with drain plug socket 1"
  • Odour-proof maintenance opening, diameter: 450 mm

Nominal Capacity

Nominal Width



Item Number
Sludge Trap
Grease Store
NS 1DN 100106100320683883551.64.00
NS 2DN 100210100440755153552.64.00
NS 3DN 100300150630857153553.64.00
NS 4DN 1004002008301009303554.64.00
NS 5.5DN 150725360143017516053555.64.00
NS 7DN 150800400160019317933557.64.00
NS 8.5DN 150940475190021421143558.64.00
NS 10DN 1501000520200022622263560.64.00
  • Proven stability: 25 years
  • Easy to bring to installation site thanks to low weight and compact dimensions
  • Easy to empty and clean
  • Empty directly without odour
  • Odour-proof cover
  • Upgrade to levels 2 and 3 possible
  • Minimises disposal and maintenance costs thanks to economic step increases in nominal size
  • Low weight
Nominal capacityDimensions
NS 111001300830760148013001350700770110
NS 2110013001055985168015001550700770110
NS 3145016501055985168015001550700770110
NS 4176020001055985168015001550700770110
NS 5.517602000125011801880170017509501020160
NS 719602200125011801880170017509501020160
NS 8.522502485125011801880170017509501020160
NS 1024502690125011801880170017509501020160

Features of base version:

  • Emptying and cleaning via maintenance opening
  • Odour build-up during emptying and cleaning

Features of upgrade level 1:

  • Connection for direct suction
  • Odour build-up only during cleaning