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ACO Grease Management

The wastewater generated by commercial kitchens is rich in fats, oils and grease (FOG) and if discharged down the drain can solidify in pipework and cause pipe blockages. This creates undesirable odours and can compromise cleanliness and hygiene in your kitchen. This can cause an unpleasant working environment and result in high staff turnover and disappointed customers.

Grease separator LipuJet-P-RAP extension stage 3
Easy to install and operate

Product benefits

  • Easy to transport and assemble (incorporation in individual segments)
  • Optimum insertion dimension
  • Easier handling due to weight reduction
  • Rotatable inlet fitting and stretchable odor trap
  • Multifunctional container
  • Emptying, cleaning and filling without odor nuisance Individually adjustable pre- and after-cleaning times
  • Hydromechanical high-pressure interior cleaning – cold water connection only necessary
  • Certified technology that meets the requirements of EN 1825 and DIN 4040-100

Installing a grease trap or separator will help:

  • Keep your business running smoothly and avoid losing income due to kitchen closure while the drains are blocked.
  • By preventing internal drain blockages and so avoid the cost and management time in organising jet washing of internal drains is greatly reduced.
  • Avoid odours from your restaurant due to blocked drains that might lead to visits from Environmental Health Services.
  • Safer environment for your staff, your food and your customer.
  • Minimize the possibility of food contamination.
  • Compliance with legal regulations. Certified technology that meets the requirements of EN 1825 and DIN 4040-100
  • Minimize the ecological trace of your establishment.
  • Peace of mind. Our products are durable, reliable and easy to maintain.

Grease separator LipuJet-P-RAP extension stage 3

  • Grease separator according to EN 1825 - Nominal Sizes (15/20/22.5)
  • With integrated sludge trap
  • Container made of polyethylene, in segment construction
  • For indoor installation – frost-free
  • Fastening set for buoyancy-proof anchoring
  • Suction and drainage sump
  • Odour-tight maintenance opening (clear width Ø450 mm)
  • Odour-tight inspection opening through Inlet and outlet
  • Central connection for direct suction with fixed coupling and blind coupling
  • Inspection window with wiper
  • High-pressure internal cleaning:
    • Motor-driven high-pressure spray head (360° cleaning over two axles)
    • HP (high pressure) pump (nominal pressure 175 bar)
  • Filling unit (components with DVGW and KIWA approvals) for automatic refilling:
    • Free-flow valve
    • Pressure reducer with dirt trap
    • Solenoid valve
    • Odour trap
  • Level measurement via pneumatic pressure measurement including bubbler injection:
    • Pneumatic box with miniature compressor and pressure sensor
    • Pitot tube
  • Shut-off valve in front of the disposal pump
  • Disposal pump:
    • Vortex impeller design
    • Three-phase motor
    • Delivery data according to performance diagram
  • Control with connection cable 1.5  m
  • And CEE plug 16 A including phase changer, protection class IP 54
  • Pipe connectors on the inlet and outlet with transition seal for pipe OD 210 mm
  • Execution right or left / following components are to be operated on the right or left to the central axis:
    • Inspection window
    • Direct suction
    • Filling unit
    • High pressure spray head
    • HP pump
    • Pneumatic box
    • Control
  • Declaration of Performance (DoP) No: BD-G1-1025
  • Connections:
    • Inlet and outlet DN200/OD200 mm
    • Vent DN100/OD110 mm
    • Direct suction with fixed coupling Storz-B/2½" and blind coupling
    • Water connection filling unit Rp ¾"
    • Bottom outlet Rp1"
  • Electrical connection:
    • 400V/50Hz/16A/8.0kW
    • Fusing: 3x16A (slow) or according to local conditions

Operation side: right-hand

Nominal sizeNominal widthContentsWeightItem

Sludge trapGrease storeOverallEmptyFull
NS 15DN 2001550600313033034603515.54.00
NS 20DN 2002020800407035044203520.54.00
NS 22.5DN 20025501000500040054003525.54.00

Operation side: left

Nominal sizeNominal widthContentsWeightItem

Sludge trapGrease storeOverallEmptyFull
NS 15DN 2001550600313033034603515.54.10
NS 20DN 2002020800407035044203520.54.10
NS 22.5DN 20025501000500040054003525.54.10

Nominal sizeDimensions
L1L2L3H1H2H3H4B1DD1Z/Anzahl SegmenteB
[mm][mm][mm][mm][mm][mm][mm][mm][mm][mm] [mm]
3515.54.00NS 15750275205015351465199021501900200189042550
3515.54.10NS 15750275205015351465199021501900200189042550
3520.54.00NS 20750275205019251855238025401900200189042550
3520.54.10NS 20750275205019251855238025401900200189042550
3525.54.00NS 22.5750275205023052235276029101900200189052550
3525.54.10NS 22.5750275205023052235276029101900200189052550

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