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Partial Disposal - Lipator-P-RM

  • Grease separator plant according to EN 1825 for free-standing installation in frost proof rooms
  • Manufactured of welded polyethylene
  • With ball valves for manual grease and sludge extraction
  • With heating rod and timer clock for homogenizing of grease
  • Electric connection: 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Nominal capacityNominal widthTotal contentLargest componentWeightItem
Diameter x HeightHeaviest single componentEmptyFull

Version: Lipator – manual operation

NS 4DN 1005701270 x 860801507203574.40.10
NS 10DN 15015701660 x 66012028018503580.40.10
NS 20DN 20022501920 x 70016034025903590.40.10
NS 25DN 20025001920 x 70016037028703595.40.10
  • Compact footprint dimensions for small applications
  • Easy handling and insertion
  • Self-explaining and illuminated control box
  • Adjustable timer clock for flexible grease extraction
Nominal capacityDimensions
NS 4150010551270183014001330
NS 10199015251530221018001730
NS 20224017751910232019001830
NS 25224017751910242020001930